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Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)


Army medicine is shifting to a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) where patients are the center of our healthcare delivery. In the PCMH, you have a health care team that knows your medical needs, takes care of your needs, and coordinates with other health care delivery teams to provide you the best quality care. At the heart of PCMH is a cooperative and continuing relationship between provider, the nurses, and the administrative staff with the patients. The Army Surgeon General stated, "PCMH is a system for health demonstrating commitment to Soldiers, their families and retirees, bringing value and inspiring trust in Army Medicine." Fox Army Health Center's PCMH is compiled of two teams, Blue Team and Red/White Team.

"A Team approach for a lifetime of Healthcare"

How Does PCMH Work?

Every beneficiary assigned to the Fox Army Health Center will have a primary care manager (PCM) designated by name and a designated support team. We have three teams, Red, White, and Blue. "We encourage our beneficiaries to enroll in Relay Health, a secured messaging system with your healthcare team to address general health questions not requiring an office visit. Relay Health also allows the healthcare team to communicate with beneficiaries when a change occurs such as reassignment of Primary Care Provider due to retirement. FAHC beneficiaries can request enrollment by using the Relay Health link on the Home Page or at any of the patient service areas at FAHC."

Patients participate in their care by partnering with the health care team to develop comprehensive care plan that includes preventive health measures, chronic disease management, a focus on health behaviors, and health maintenance. Communication options are available to patients that include face-to-face, secure messaging, and access to lab results, pharmacy refills, and referrals through a secure TRICARE online (TOL) portal. Patients have 24/7 access to care through either an assigned primary care team during normal operation hours or an after-hours nurse advice line. The comprehensive health care team includes behavioral health, pharmacy, dieticians, and case managers to assist you and your PCM to achieve optimal health through a comprehensive care approach in a primary care setting. A growing body of research indicates implementing PCMH principles improves access, provides a higher degree of patient and staff satisfaction, better quality of care at a lower overall health costs, and improved Soldier/Family readiness.

Our Partnership with You

The ultimate goal of PCMH is to provide quality, cost effective health care to our beneficiaries. We know things may occasionally happen that will cause you to cancel your appointment. Please call us whenever you need to cancel (24 hours in advance when possible) so that someone else may use the appointment slot. Showing up for your appointments on time allows your team to provide you the best care and the best care for all our patients. When seeing network providers, please remember to bring in your test results to your next appointment. If you have questions about PCMH, please call the clinic information line at 256-955-8888.